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Winning Over Marketers

Some things that marketers care about include:

  • Generating more “leads”. Leads are people who are interested in buying the product.
  • Increasing conversion rates. This means helping more people move through a checkout funnel, or fill out an email capture form.
  • Making the website faster. This tends to decrease the “bounce rate”, which is the proportion of visitors leaving the website.
  • Generating revenue. If the product is bought online through a checkout flow, such as e-commerce, marketers are often measured on revenue the site generates — the dollar value of total sales.

Basic explanation

A basic explanation of Gatsby to marketers is often along these lines:

Over 50% of people will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. This translates directly into lost revenue, decreased lead conversion, and a poor user experience. Get the most out of your website with a site that’s blazing fast and optimized for SEO, lead conversion, and revenue generation. Gatsby is the modern way to build reliable, lightning fast websites and apps.

Specific benefits

Marketers may be curious about more information on specific topics such as SEO, site speed, lead conversion, and revenue. Some potential talking points on each topic are listed below.

Site speed

Think rocket ship vs. sea turtle. Gatsby takes fast to a whole new level with websites that are pre-built and live on the edge—right where your customers are. Pages load in milliseconds rather than seconds. Gatsby enables teams to create lightning-fast, content-driven websites without needing to become performance experts.

SEO optimized

Think of all the time a team spends on creating compelling, optimized content just to have the search ranking penalized by a slow website. A Search Engine Optimized website means a higher organic search ranking and more website traffic, which can mean more leads and revenue. Get as much out of your website as you do your content and see the impact.

Optimized for lead conversion

For every second it takes a page to load, the bounce rate increases and the lead conversion drops. For e-commerce sites, some estimates say you may lose up to 1% in revenue for every 100ms delay in page load time. The longer it takes a page to load, the more customers/leads/revenue you lose. Get greater lead conversion with a fast website that loads on even slow connections.

Generating revenue

Generating revenue with your website is especially important for e-commerce sites. If an e-commerce company doesn’t get a high enough ROI (return on investment), then they may be out of business in a few months. Even just a one second improvement in page load time can increase revenue by 7%. The less time it takes a page to load, the more money you make.

Case studies

One question marketers often ask themselves when hearing new ideas, whether they vocalize them or not, is “who else is doing this?”

In order to proactively diffuse these concerns, you might consider sharing stories of organizations that have adopted Gatsby:


A perception marketers often have of developers is that they are not very business-savvy. Whether this perception is accurate or not, it often creates a barrier for marketers to accept developers’ suggestions.

The explanations above — whether you use them word-for-word or restate them in your own and your organization’s language — are intended to demonstrate concern for the business as a whole, so marketers see you as a trusted partner.

Want to read more on this topic? Check out How to Talk About Gatsby To Your Clients And Team by Linda Watkins.

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