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Gatsby on Linux

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Please use the Gatsby Style Guide to ensure your pull request gets accepted.

Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL)

As of October 17th 2017, Windows 10 ships with WSL and Linux distributions are available via the Windows Store, there are several different distributions to use which can be configured via wslconfig if you have more than one distribution installed.

Using Windows Subsystem Linux: Ubuntu

If you have a fresh install of Ubuntu then update and upgrade:

Only use -y if you’re happy to upgrade to the latest versions of the software.

Build tools

To compile and install native addons from npm you may also need to install build tools for node-gyp:

Install node

Following the install instructions on leaves a slightly broken install (i.e. permission errors when trying to npm install). Instead try installing node versions using n which you can install with n-install:

There are other alternatives for managing your node versions such as nvm but this is known to slow down bash startup on WSL.

Using Windows Subsystem Linux: Debian

Debian setup is nearly identical to Ubuntu except for the additional installs of git and libpng-dev.

Or to install all at the same time and approve (y) all installs:

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