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Adding Components to Markdown with MDX

When writing long-form content in Markdown you might want to embed components. This is often achieved by either writing content in JSX or using plugins that use custom syntax. The first approach isn’t optimal because JSX isn’t the best format for content and can make it less approachable to members of a team. Custom syntax and plugins are often too inflexible and don’t promote composition. If you’re finding yourself wanting to add components to your content you can use gatsby-plugin-mdx which is a Gatsby plugin to integrate MDX into your project.

What’s MDX?

MDX is Markdown for the component era. It lets you write JSX embedded inside Markdown. It’s a great combination because it allows you to use Markdown’s terse syntax (such as # Heading) for your content and JSX for more advanced, or reusable components.

This is useful in content-driven sites where you want the ability to introduce components like charts or alerts without having to configure a plugin. It emphasizes composition over configuration and really shines with interactive blog posts, documenting design systems, or long form articles with immersive or dynamic interactions.

When using MDX you can also import other MDX documents and render them as components. This lets you write something like an FAQ page in one place and reuse it throughout your website.

What does it look like in practice?

Importing and JSX syntax works just like it does in your components. This results in a seamless experience for developers and content authors alike. Markdown and JSX are included alongside each other like this:


❤️ Powerful: MDX blends Markdown and JSX syntax to fit perfectly in React/JSX-based projects.

💻 Everything is a component: Use existing components inside your MDX and import other MDX files as plain components.

🔧 Customizable: Decide which component is rendered for each Markdown element ({ h1: MyHeading }).

📚 Markdown-based: The simplicity and elegance of markdown remains; you interleave JSX only when you want to.

🔥 Blazingly blazing fast: MDX has no runtime, all compilation occurs during the build stage.

In this section:

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