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Querying Data in Components using StaticQuery

Gatsby v2 introduces StaticQuery, a new API that allows components to retrieve data via a GraphQL query.

In this guide, you’ll see an example using StaticQuery, and learn about the difference between a StaticQuery and a page query.

How to use StaticQuery in components

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Basic example

Here is an example of a Header component using StaticQuery:

By using StaticQuery, you can colocate a component with its data. It is no longer required to, say, pass data down from Layout to Header.


There’s also a React hooks version of StaticQuery: check out the documentation on useStaticQuery


With the above pattern, you lose the ability to typecheck with PropTypes. To regain typechecking while achieving the same result, you can change the component to:

How StaticQuery differs from page query

StaticQuery can do most of the things that page query can, including fragments. The main differences are:

  • page queries can accept variables (via pageContext) but can only be added to page components
  • StaticQuery does not accept variables (hence the name “static”), but can be used in any component, including pages
  • StaticQuery does not work with raw React.createElement calls; please use JSX, e.g. <StaticQuery />

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