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Lower Bids, More Profit

Many agencies use a different pricing model for bidding Gatsby websites that enables them to make more money and expand their business.

After identifying projects that are a good fit for Gatsby, they will bid significantly under a typical bid for a project of that time. Because Gatsby enables the team to work faster, they’ve still able to make standard profits on the project while growing their business and creating happy clients.

Ben Robertson, of the 80-person Mediacurrent agency, explains this strategy in the context of Mediacurrent’s work on the website for the city of Sandy Springs, GA:

“This was an experimental project for us. We had done decoupled Drupal before, but this was our first project as a team that was using Gatsby and it was a budget that was actually significantly under what we would charge for a full Drupal 8 build. And that was scary!

Not only was the team able to deliver the project on time and under budget, but the client was so happy they were able to get additional work immediately:

Because they saved a significant portion of the money that they had already set aside, they [told us], “Hey, you guys just saved us a bunch of money, and also we would like some new features, so can we please pay you some money to build those features for us?”

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