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Sanitize Your Stack

Websites come in a thousand different flavors. Timeframes, budgets, interactivity requirements, and content systems can vary wildly from one project to the next.

This variety puts agency website teams between a rock and a hard place. They often have to maintain frontends built in multiple development systems, stretching their developers’ skill sets. Implementing the same dropdown in five different frameworks can be a huge headache. But what’s the alternative — turn down good client projects?

To add to the difficulty, when your UI development framework is coupled to your client’s CMS backend, it doesn’t just cause technical problems; it causes people problems. It makes your team’s staffing plans dependent on specific projects. It hamstrings your ability to respond to changing client requirements by shifting resources around.

Gatsby solves this — because Gatsby pulls your data from wherever it lives and exposes it in a uniform GraphQL interface, agency teams can build all their UIs in React — no matter where their content is coming from.

Gatsby lets agencies stop reinventing the wheel and makes agency developers more productive. Teams can use the best tool for the job, without creating a hodgepodge of technologies to maintain.

Sanitize your stack, with Gatsby.

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