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Gatsby uses the phenomenal project Babel to enable support for writing modern JavaScript — while still supporting older browsers.

How to specify which browsers to support

Gatsby supports by default the last two versions of major browsers, IE 9+, as well as any browser that still has 1%+ browser share.

This means that your JavaScript is automatically compiled to ensure it works on older browsers. Polyfills are also automatically added — no more shipping code which mysteriously breaks on older browsers!

If you only target newer browsers, see the Browser Support docs page for how to instruct Gatsby on which browsers you support and then Babel will start compiling for only these browsers.

How to use a custom .babelrc file

Gatsby ships with a default .babelrc setup that should work for most sites. If you’d like to add custom Babel presets or plugins, you can create your own .babelrc at the root of your site, import babel-preset-gatsby, and add additional plugins, presets, and pass options to babel-preset-gatsby, e.g. targets.

For more advanced configurations, you can also copy the defaults from babel-preset-gatsby and customize them to suit your needs.

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