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There is an ongoing effort to translate the content on into multiple languages. For members of the community around the world building Gatsby sites and learning about web development, having docs and learning materials in your own language provides a lot of value. There’s also a great opportunity for folks like you to contribute to the translations of the Gatsby docs.

If you’re a fluent speaker of a language other than English and you’re interested in helping translate, here is some information for you to know:

The general process

Each translation has its own repository in the gatsbyjs organization on GitHub, with designated codeowners to review and approve changes. Each repo will include all pages needing translations (with some prioritized over others), and a bot to notify of changes in the main repo to keep everything up-to-date.

Ongoing translations

Currently, the following languages are being translated:

Note: Once a new translation repository is created, feel free to add it here in a PR!

Creating a new translation

If you don’t see your language in the above list, please see Starting a new language for how to start up a new translation repository.

Contributing translations

If you do see your language on the list, please see the translation contributor guide for information on how to contribute translations in your language.


Each translation repo will have at least two maintainers and codeowners that are responsible for the upkeep of the repo. Please see the Translation Maintainer Guide for information on the responsibilities of translation maintainers.

Language-specific channels

Each translation group may want to have a space for maintainers and community members to ask questions and coordinate the project. Discord is the official channel and maintainers can have their own private groups if desired. Some groups may elect to use a different platform such as Wechat or Whatsapp, but that will be at your own discretion.

To set up a Discord channel for a translation group (if it doesn’t already exist), ping the Gatsbyjs team.

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