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How to File an Issue

The issue tracker is the preferred channel for bug reports, feature requests and submitting pull requests.

If you want your issue to be resolved quickly, please include in your issue:

  • Gatsby version, Node.js version, OS version
  • The contents of your gatsby-config.js and package.json as well as your gatsby-node.js, gatsby-browser.js gatsby-ssr.js files depending on changes you’ve made there.

Please do not use the issue tracker for personal support requests. Stack Overflow (gatsby tag) and the Gatsby Discord are better places to get help.

Special Note on Issues

If an issue is affecting you, start at the top of this list and complete as many tasks on the list as you can:

  1. If there is an issue, add a reaction or more details to the issue to indicate that it’s affecting you
  2. If there is an issue and you can add more detail, write a comment describing how the bug is affecting OR if you can, write up a work-around for the bug
  3. If there is not an issue, write the most complete description of what’s happening, preferably with link to a Gatsby site that reproduces the problem or create a reproducible test case
  4. Offer to help fix the bug (and it is totally expected that you ask for help; open-source maintainers want to help contributors)
  5. Deliver a well-crafted, tested PR

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