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Submit to Creator Showcase

Want to be a part of the Creator Showcase? Follow these instructions.


There are only two major steps :)

  1. If this is your first contribution to the Gatsby open source repo, follow the Contribution guidelines.

  2. Upload a photo of yourself or a logo of your company/agency to this directory. Images should have a square aspect ratio with 500px minimum (e.g. 500px X 500px) to 1000px maximum resolution and should carry the same name as what you put in the name field on creators.yml, but with a dash instead of spaces.

    For example,

    if name is: Fabian Schultz

    image name should be, fabian-schultz.jpg

    if name is: Iron Cove Solutions

    image name should be, iron-cove-solutions.jpg

  3. Edit the creators.yml file by adding your submission to the bottom of the list of sites in the following format:

Use the following template to ensure required fields are filled:

  1. If you sent your websites to the Showcase before but have not filled out the “built_by” field, you should edit sites.yml and add your name (and the built_by field if it is not there) there as well to make sure your portfolio pieces are linked to your page.

Review process

By default, all edits submitted to the Creator Showcase will be reviewed through the regular PR approval and merge process.

Change your mind / need to edit your submission?

If you want to edit anything in your site submission later, simply edit the creators.yml file by submitting another PR.

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