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Free Swag for Gatsby Contributors!

Gatsby relies on contributors from the open source community, and we want to make sure you know how much it means to us that you’re willing to put time and effort into contributing to Gatsby.

To show our appreciation, everyone who contributes to Gatsby is eligible to receive free swag!

Gatsby contributors wearing swag.

How to claim your free swag

If you contribute to the Gatsby organization on GitHub, you can claim your swag by logging into the Gatsby Store and requesting a discount code. With five or more contributions, you can claim your Level 2 swag.

If you’ve contributed in other ways, such as giving talks about Gatsby, teaching others to use it, writing Gatsby articles/tutorials, participating in a Gatsby research project, or any other way, please email or tweet at Gatsby on Twitter to claim your swag.

Details about free swag

  • We will send one item from our swag store per swag tier
  • Tier 1 swag includes most items $10 and under
  • Tier 2 swag includes most items $26 and under
  • Not all items are eligible due to high cost to create the swag. We’ll make it clear which items are not eligible
  • There’s a limit of one free swag item per swag tier
  • Shipping is free worldwide

NOTE: Worldwide free shipping is a pilot program. If shipping costs get out of control, we may need to adjust this policy in the future.

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