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How to Run a Gatsby Workshop

Running a workshop focused on Gatsby.js is a fantastic way to teach a group of people how to create fast, accessible websites with in-person (or virtual) instruction.

We on the Gatsby team have run a number of in-person workshops, and you can read about some of our initial findings. If you are interested in running a workshop yourself, we welcome you to do so and offer this page of resources to help you.

Share your ideas and report how these workshops go for you in the Open source repo through issues and PRs (if you ran into problems with the workshops and/or have ideas of how to improve them) or Twitter if you want to share an upcoming workshop you’re running.

Why you might want to host a workshop

Here are some advantages that we experienced in the workshops; if these appeal to you, you could consider hosting your own workshop at your work, a meetup, or any other setting that makes sense!

  • Dedicated time and place to learn: it’s easier to set aside time to learn something new when you are in a room with other people doing the same thing
  • Quicker problem-solving: you can usually get answers to your questions and solve problems faster than you could otherwise
  • Customized content: the workshop host can customize the workshop for the group’s needs ahead of time by sending out a survey, and the workshop can shift focus depending on real-time needs and questions of the group and individuals

Where to find workshop resources

Please use the following links to find workshop materials in the Gatsby open source repo:

We hope these workshop materials help you share Gatsby at work, meetups, and wherever else it makes sense. Let us know how it goes and how you customize or modify these workshops!

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