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Submit to Starter Library

Have you created a Gatsby starter you’d like to add to the Starter Library? Follow these instructions.


To get your site added to the starter library, follow the two steps below.

  1. If this is your first contribution to the Gatsby open source repo, follow the Contribution guidelines.

  2. Edit the starters.yml file by adding your starter information to the bottom of the list in the following format:

Use the following template to ensure required fields are filled:

Check out the starters.yml file for examples.

We prefer pull requests with the title in the following format: chore(starters): add my-starter-name-here If there are linting issues with your PR, you can fix them by running npm run format.

Need to change details?

If you want to edit anything in your site submission later, simply edit the .yml file by submitting another PR. GitHub data (like stars) will be automatically pulled and updated, but your starter description, tags, and feature list are up to you!

Adding new tag

If you think that there is something missing in the tag list, you can update categories.yml and add a new one. However, we encourage you to use existing tags.

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