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Accessibility Statement

Last updated: April 8, 2019

We want everyone who uses Gatsby to feel welcome and find the experience rewarding: this includes developers with disabilities and users with disabilities for Gatsby sites, docs, and resources.

This page was created to collect accessibility information about the Gatsby ecosystem in one place and provide communication channels for people with disabilities to get help with Gatsby.

Gatsby products and services is the online home of the open source Gatsby website framework; it includes documentation, tutorials, and guides on how and why to build with Gatsby, as well as a blog, site showcase, and information on how to contribute to the project. is the business website for Gatsby, Inc. the startup building Gatsby, including our first product, Gatsby Preview: a cloud service allowing team members to collaborate on a Gatsby site in development.

Providing feedback and getting accessibility help

We strive to make these websites and the Gatsby framework itself as accessible as possible. Our goal is to meet WCAG 2.0 AA, with which we are partially compliant. We’ll be the first to admit the Gatsby ecosystem is a work in progress, and we are open to all feedback to make things better.

To contact the core team with your accessibility feedback or challenges, please file an issue on GitHub.

Alternatively, we welcome you to reach out directly to Marcy Sutton, Head of Learning at Gatsby:

Building with Gatsby

To learn how to build an accessible website with Gatsby, visit our guide Making Your Site Accessible. Contributions are very welcome as this page evolves.

Third-party platforms, products and services

Common Gatsby workflows involve third-party products and services, such as sourcing from Content Management Systems, and managing and deploying sites with hosting platforms. Some of these platforms appear to have been designed and/or built without accessibility in mind; we encourage those vendors to improve their accessibility along with us.

Our current recommendations for accessible CMS platforms are:

  • WordPress with the Classic Editor Plugin
  • Drupal

For managing and deploying Gatsby sites with accessible tools, we recommend:

  • Netlify

To provide feedback for third-party services, you can contact those vendors directly or write to us, and we will do our best to pass the information along. We’re also interested in hearing about your successes with third-party platforms!

Surveys and research projects

The Gatsby team conducts surveys and research projects from time to time. We highly value feedback from all Gatsby users, and particularly those with experience applicable to the research being conducted.

To be considered for these initiatives, please contact

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